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    Advanced Evidence-Based Investing for Young Professionals

    • The average compound return for the best performing index is 14.4% vs. the S&P500 at 9.7% (since 1926). Over 40 years, this difference on a $100,000 investment would result in an additional +$17.7 million dollars.
    • Yes, read that again.
    • Many investors own the S&P500/NASDAQ/etc. but these indexes were designed to track the market — not to make money. This challenge inspired two professors to create an index investment designed to make money (which won them a Nobel Prize).
    This class is tailored to young professionals but is also for anyone who wants to…
    • Buy a house or retire up to ~25% earlier (yes, we are serious) AND be outrageously generous along the way.
    • Cut through the noise of salesy investment marketing using unbiased academic research.
    • Invest based on reliable, peer-reviewed data (in easy-to-understand language, of course!)
    • Learn practical action-steps for both DIY and advisor-supported investors (not just theory).
    This workshop is NOT for you if…
    • You have no idea what a stock is.
    • You want “hot” individual stock/crypto recommendations.
    • You want to become a millionaire overnight.
    The webinar is on February 16th at 7PM PST. It’s on Zoom. And it’s free. Register now to save your spot (only 100 seats available)! Previous client and course testimonials:
    Instructor: Jacob Chang
    • Jacob is a Private Wealth Advisor at Rise Above Finance. Previously, Jacob worked as a stock analyst for a multi-billion-dollar investment fund and reviewed financial plans for High-Net-Worth families and foreign royalty. He earned an HBA at The Ivey Business School at Western University, is a Dimensional Fund Advisor, and serves as a Guest Lecturer at various universities and institutions.
    • In this session, Jacob is excited to share some of his mentors’ most valuable investing ideas in a practical and actionable way. He will be sharing simple but powerful ideas that have helped clients retire early and be outrageously generous along the way.
    Instructor: Jee-Woon Ha
    • Jee is an Associate Advisor and Responsible Investment Specialist whose practice centers around increasing financial literacy. His goal with every workshop is to ease the anxiety around personal finance by helping his audience understand difficult concepts in a digestible manner by using real-life examples and easy-to-understand language.
    • Jee works at Financial Literacy Counsel (FLC), a team of top Advisors in Canada. FLC facilitates workshops for Olympic Athletes, UBC Medical School, Fraser Health Authority, Hockey Canada, Tenth Church and various other institutions.